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​​Bolt Preload of Pressure Vessel in Chemical Plant

Hydraulic torque wrenches are widely used in the construction and maintenance work of petroleum & chemical industry, marine engineering, offshore oil engineering, nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, thermal power, mining, machinery manufacturing, steel mills, paper mills, cement plant, rubber plant, large pipeline installation and so on, Hydraulic torque wrench is a main hydraulic tool for the installation and disassembly of large size of bolts, which has its unsubstitutability of accurate torque at about ±3% and convenient use.

SOV focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of hydraulic torque wrench and other hydraulic tools, meanwhile, provides customers with the best bolt solutions

Daqing Oil Field Co.,Ltd is a professional Manufacturer engaged in pressure vessel, heat exchanger and cooperating partner of Sinopec, whose main products are liquefied petroleum gas storage tank and non-standard pressure vessel and its output is 12000 sets per year. Product performance and yield determine the high standards of product processing, which made the purchase of SOV hydraulic torque wrenches.

SOV dispatches the experienced technicians to deal with complex and special situations, such as asperous flange connection, not vertical angles or narrow work space, etc. The solutions provided by SOV not only meet the work requirements, but also are cost-effective, of which customers think highly. Since the workers don’t know how to use operate hydraulic torque wrench, SOV technicians guide the operator until they can operate expertly. Since they have used SOV hydraulic torque wrenches, it is much easier to install and disassembly bolts. And it is no longer for workers to work depending on percussion wrenches. Technical director said their products have more stable quality after using hydraulic torque wrenches.

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