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​​Bolt Fastening in the Maintenance of Wind Tower Barrel

In the process of wind tower maintenance, it is impossible to fasten the nut artificially, only by hydraulic bolt tension Wind generator anchor bolt foundation is fastened by a large number of anchor bolt of stud form, such as anchor bolt type base of 2MW wind turbine, its length is 3.2m, 160 pieces, and bolt specification is M42, tensile fastening designed, which greatly improve the assembly efficiency meeting the precision requirements.

Directly exposed in the atmosphere, the end of anchor bolt and nut will be oiled with antiseptic coating, normally Dacro or low temperature hot dip galvanizing layer, When using hydraulic torque wrench to fasten, the outer surface of the nut will be destroyed, thus affecting the antiseptic effect of nut, but if using hydraulic bolt tensioner to fasten, the torque transferred from nut sleeve to nut is very small, which will not destroy the nut of the anticorrosive coating.

In the assembly of Wind turbine in the assembly plant, it is available to use hydraulic bolt tensioner to fasten the large size position of the screw bolt, exposed part of the nut and bolt, such as the blade and the hub assembly, bearing seat assembly, the yaw bearing assembly,etc,.

Hydraulic bolt tensioners can also be applied in some special nut fastening places where the radial is limited, because it usually occupies space along the axial direction;and in the radial direction, the nut shape is similar with the socket wrench diameter, then compared with hydraulic torque wrenches, small radial dimension and no reaction arm.

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